Quick Start

Setup the toolchain

Go to Tools > Toolchain > Install


Apio backend and all its needed packages will be installed. This operation does not require Internet connection.

Setup the drivers

Connect your FPGA board and select Tools > Drivers > Enable. This operation requires administrator privileges.



In Windows, an external application (Zadig) is launched to replace the existing FTDI driver of the Interface 0 by libusbK.


In MacOS this operation requires Internet connection to allow Homebrew to install libffi and libftdi packages.

Upload a design

Go to Select > Board > IceZUM Alhambra


Go to File > Examples > 1. Basic > 01. One LED

../_images/example.png ../_images/01_one_led.png

Then, you can verify, build or upload the project in Tools > Verify | Build | Upload.


Here is the FPGA board with the LED0 turned on.