This is a quick start guide to setup the development environment for Icestudio.

Install Python 2.7 and Node.js.

Atom editor with linter-jshint is recommended.


git clone
cd icestudio


npm install


npm start


Add or update the app translations using Poedit.

Developer note: use npm run gettext to extract the labels from the code.


npm run dist
Target OS Development OS Output files
GNU/Linux GNU/Linux (linux32,linux64).zip, (linux32,linux64).AppImage
Windows GNU/Linux (win32,win64).zip, (win32,win64).exe
Mac OS Mac OS (osx32,osx64).zip, osx64.dmg

Apio configuration

Apio backend is configured in the app/package.json file:

  • apio.min: minimum version (>=)
  • apio.max: maximum version (<)
  • apio.extras: list of external Python programmers (blackiceprog, tinyfpgab)
  • apio.external: load an external Apio package instead of the default one (e.g. /path/to/my/apio)
  • apio.branch: install Apio from the repository branch instead of PyPI.

An external Apio package can be also set on runtime using the ICESTUDIO_APIO environment variable.